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Craft Beer is a Drink in Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!.

Description[edit | edit source]

Craft brewing is a relatively recent trend that began in the 20th century when, inspired by their prohibition-era fathers, entrepreneurial alcoholics created small, independently owned breweries to make the beverage. Though the definition of a craft beer is somewhat flexible, they tend to place a greater emphasis on flavor and quality, leading many brewers and consumers to label themselves as "craftsmen" and "artists" over the original, less politically correct term used in the early 20th century: "drunks."

Craft beers have a long and storied history, and occasionally pop up when larger beer manufacturers cannot supply demand immediately at any given location. In the early days of craft breweries, this competitive spirit lead to some craft brewers cutting costs by diluting their drinks with rubbing alcohol, which could still technically be advertised as alcohol but could also lead to blindness. After a number of deaths resulted from consuming these diluted beers, the government stepped in and regulated breweries in 1945, shutting down famous factories like Almost Liquor and Dangerous Liquor, which regularly advertised their antifreeze/alcohol ratio.

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