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Ramen is an Entree in Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!.

Ramen icon.png
Dish Type
Prep Type
Menu Price
Cook Time(s)
24 seconds
Burn Time
30 seconds
  • Stacked
  • Staple Food
  • Rainy Bites
  • Chef Specialty
  • Oh Rats
  • Slow Cooker
  • Complex Bits
  • Extra Prep

Description[edit | edit source]

While ramen first appeared in the early 20th century, its popularity stems from the early 1990s when J-pop megastar Toshiro Motoki appeared in a ramen commercial. In the ad, Motoki is seen racing onto a train with a bowl of ramen in hand. As the train leaves the station, Motoki sees a gang harassing an elderly woman. After telling them to back off, the gang turns on Motoki. Motoki fights them while eating his ramen between punches. The fight culminates with Motoki throwing his ramen into the air, doing a cartwheel, kicking the gangs head honcho out of the train, and catching his ramen before it lands. The ad famously ends with Motoki looking into the camera, shouting "It's always ramen o'clock!" as a gaggle of schoolgirls giggle affectionately.

While food is typically banned from most inner city rail, as the ad captured the hearts and minds of the nation an exception was made. The rule was overturned a year later when a devastating earthquake shook Tokyo, causing thousands of ramen equipped train-goers to drop their boiling hot meals.

Recipes[edit | edit source]

This food has two cooking stages to go through before serving.

Stage 1: Cook the Ramen

Follow the Recipe to cook the Ramen.

01. Classic Ramen Bowl
Ramen, Oil, B.Bacon, M.B.Shoots

02. Kakuni Spa
Ramen, Oil, Kakuni

03. Elevated Bowl
Ramen, Oil, S.Pork

04. Salty Coast
Ramen, Oil, Chashu, M.B.Shoots

05. Spicy Bowl
Ramen, Oil, S.Pork, Kakuni

06. Nori and Friends
Ramen, Oil, S.Pork, B.Bacon

07. Sleeper Bowl
Ramen, Oil, M.B.Shoots, Shrimp

08. Hot Afternoon
Ramen, Oil, Chashu, Shrimp

Stage 2: Finish the order

Like always, follow the Recipe to finish the order.

01. Classic Ramen Bowl
B.Bacon, M.B.Shoots, Kamaboko, Mussel, Nori, Ses.Seeds

02. Kakuni Spa
Kakuni, Butter, Cabage, Corn, Kamaboko, Togarashi

03. Elevated Bowl
S.Pork, Cabbage, Corn, B.Egg, Mussel, Togarashi

04. Salty Coast
Chashu, M.B.Shoots, Corn, B.Egg, Mussel, Scallions, Salt.Pep., Togarashi

05. Spicy Bowl
S.Pork, Kakuni, Cabbage, B.Egg, Scallions, Togarashi

06. Nori and Friends
S.Pork, B.Bacon, Butter, Kamaboko, Nori, Ses.Seeds

07. Sleeper Bowl
M.B.Shoots, Shrimp, B.Egg, Kamaboko, Mussel, Salt.Pep.

08. Hot Afternoon
Chashu, Shrimp, Corn, b.eGG? Kamaboko, Scallions, Ses.Seeds

Trivia[edit | edit source]