Stadium Nachos

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Stadium Nachos is an Entree in Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!.

Stadium Nachos
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  • Stadium Classic
  • Instant Food
  • Oh Rats
  • Menu Rot
  • Scumbags
United States

Description[edit | edit source]

Stadium nachos were created by the American Sporting Association in response to the Great Crunch of 1967. With record crowds at baseball games. organizers set out to further monetize events by allowing patrons to purchase corn chips at the 1967 finals While the corn chips sold well, the loose nature of the product meant chips were scattered across the stadium. With 50,000 fans in attendance. the immense crunching sound caused by people standing on the chips. exacerbated by the frightening reverb of the stadium. resulted in minor hearing loss amongst patrons.

Faced with a large public outcry. the association set out to create a quieter food. After months of food related R&D, the association released stadium nachos, believing that patrons would take more care not to drop the food when hot queso was involved.

Today, stadium nachos are most popular in the United States.

Recipes[edit | edit source]

01. Grand Slam Nachos
Queso, S.Cream, Jalapenos

02. Touchdown Nachos
Queso, Jalapenos, R.Beans

03. Slam Dunk Nachos
Queso, S.Cream, Jalapenos, R.Beans

04. Hole In One Nachos
Queso, S.Cream, R.Beans

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